GANYMEDE #3 issue (April 2009, 200 pp, 6x9" perfect-bound paperback book)
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Issue #3 Highlights:
--DANIEL MENDELSOHN selects six of Cavafy's gay-est poems just for us
--British gay author Richard Canning covers the Saint Laurent auction in Paris for us
--reprint of "A Visit to Priapus" by GLENWAY WESCOTT, his only explicitly gay story and unavailable anywhere else, as our part in the current revival of his work; another autobiographical and gay story, "Adolescence," appears in our #5 issue
--NINE spectacular portfolios by cutting-edge gay photographers from around the world

--Fragments of a Gay Life: Saint Laurent’s Auction by Richard Canning
--New York Notes: Wal-Mart...and Other Effects by Julian Grenfell
Wal-Mart’s effect on world trade...why women are rising and men sinking, and how it helps gay boys...what certain objects in Vermeer paintings tell us about the global economy of his time...Victorian visitors to Chekhov got the Putin regime communist or fascist?...all about self-publishing
POETRY: Cavafy, Poet of Desire: six poems by C.P. Cavafy, selected and translated by Daniel Mendelsohn...This Five-Fingered Self by Christopher Gaskins...Searching the Air for a Lost Language by Jase Donaldson...The Knowledge of Possible Loss by Cyril Wong
FICTION: Breaking the Bough by Sam J. Miller...Memories of Inexpression by John Stahle...A Visit to Priapus (1938) by Glenway Wescott
PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIOS: Masks and Reflections by Federico Forlani...Big Endings by Simón Pais-Thomas...Grease and Grab: Real Turkish Wrestling by Lawrence Grecco...What Era Hides in Me? Images of Mario Leko...Dylan Rosser, X-Posed by Dylan Rosser...The Victorian Gaze: Images of Israel Marquez...Stretch and Click: Self Portraits of David Saavedra...Hong Kong High: Self Portraits of Kenny Wan...Glam and Hiss: Party Photos of Jan Durina

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